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We used the coupon books to help raise money for warm ups for our high school soccer program. The girls quickly raised over 1500 dollars and were able to purchase them. I can’t believe how easy he made things. Cannot wait to use him again!



Love this book for coupons to restaurants, when we want to go out to eat, first thing I reach for is this book.  Every place excepts them with no problems. You’ll not only be getting great buys at food places you’ll be helping children today and the future. Bon apatite.

Vicki M.


The Integrity Book has Way More Useable coupons than any other book around.  Great Variety of places that are nearby…Excellent Deal!!!



I’ve worked with Clay Bock and Integrity Fundraising for over 5 years.   He has helped me, my church and friends all make some extra cash through his various options of candy and restaurant coupon books.   Yesterday I saved $10 from one restaurant and loved the food.  Keep up the good work.



Our elementary PTA used Integrity Fundraising as our fall fundraiser and Clay made things simple for us to have a successful campaign!  Integrity Fundraising made things run  smoothly.  They supplied color brochures, flyers, order forms, posters, incentive details, helpful hints, etc. What service!!!   🙂

Clay made the whole process very easy. The transaction was simple and straightforward with the delivery of items being prescheduled and arrived on the date/time we expected them.  If you’re considering using Integrity, they get ‘two-thumbs up’ from our PTA.  In fact, I’m predicting that our school will be using them again in the future!



I work at a local high school in Los Angeles coaching a softball team. We were looking to do a cookie dough fundraiser to get equipment needed for our program. We found Integrity Fundraising. I’m very happy we did. We met with Clay. He was one of the nicest people we have met with. It went smoothly. Clay made it very very simple to getting all the orders in to the delivery of the cookie dough. Considering we did a cookie dough fundraiser with another company last year. Let’s just say Integrity Fundraising was ten times better. Clay was there every step of the process to answer any questions or concerns we had. I highly recommend Integrity Fundraising. We had a great experience with them. They went above and beyond to make sure we had the best experience possible, we did. Nice people. Always available to the consumers. We will be using them again!!!



I came across IF and Clay, the owner, on Facebook, as I was searching for a way to fund raise that would be different, for the rescue group I co-founded a couple years back. I got in touch with Clay, and he was great about explaining the various programs they have that could help our non-profit bring in some serious coin for the kittens we help 🙂

We decided to go with the Mrs Fields cookie dough fundraiser, and with several people selling, we pulled in lots of orders and raked in hundreds of dollars for the rescue, with very little effort on my part, to be honest. Clay was fantastic about setting things up, and returning my calls, answering questions, and giving me an accurate turnaround time for the orders to come in.

IF does fundraising with schools and other organizations too, I learned, and they seem to be really on it about helping out. I am looking forward to working with IF again for our next fundraiser, and thoroughly recommend them based on their level of professionalism 🙂


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