Reasons To Use Us For Your Fundraiser

We represent high quality products and we will provide you with the service and backup you need to make your fundraiser a huge success. We are happy to help any activity small or large to raise the funds that you need.

You will never get a complaint on the quality of the products we represent.

All products are presorted for each participant’s order and for the classroom teacher (for a school setting) or coach (for a league) and will be delivered to you at the day and time of your choosing.

Great profits up to 50% on most items!

There is no money required up front.

There is no minimum to sell.

There are no shipping costs*  Mrs. Fields frozen cookie dough can be delivered any Monday – Friday at the time of your choosing. Snacks, popcorn or candy can be delivered at your day or time of choosing any day of the week including Saturday or Sunday. We produce the coupon books ourselves and these we have on hand and they can be delivered any day you need them.

The participant or family can deliver books to the purchaser on the spot so there is nothing to deliver later. We do have a four color, detailed order form so the participants can make even more sales.

Free incentives for school-wide fundraisers.

The coupon book has a long expiration date: It doesn’t expire till March 31st, 2016

The coupon book supports local businesses.

No sales tax to collect as there isn’t any due on coupon books or food items.

You can reach us at anytime (714) 420-1911

* Snack packs require 150 items and Mrs. Fields require 320 items for free shipping