How to Have a Successful Fundraiser

How To Sell Your Integrity Fundraising Coupon Book, Mrs. Fields Cookies , Snacks packs, Popcorn etc.

Ask the person a question: Do you use coupons? Do you like Mrs. Fields cookies, popcorn, etc?

Did you know I am involved in ………………..?

Ask them if they will look at the book or brochure and hand it to them.

One of the most important things I have ever learned in sales is this:

Before people will spend their money, they have to feel that the item they are going to purchase is worth more to them than the money they will spend for it.

There are two very good reasons for someone to purchase this coupon book or other item  from you:

The first is that most people love to help others. Explain the reasons that the money is needed, whether it is for equipment, uniforms, buses or travel, etc. Let them know how important your activity is to you and all the  benefits for those involved.

The second is to give the person an understanding of all the value that the coupon book will provide for them or how yummy the cookies, snacks, popcorn etc. Have them look through the book or brochure to see all the offers.  If it’s the coupon book, show them the nice index in the front of the book so they can easily find places that they would like to eat or activities available. Help them to realize that the coupon savings means that  real money stays in their purse or wallet.

Everyone has to do their part to raise the funds needed to make  your activity possible. It will not help your team or group if you bring the books back unsold or your order form with none or one or two items sold.

Please take care of the books or brochure as no one wants to buy a dirty, scuffed-up book or look at a dirty wrinkled up brochure.

Not everyone will buy but some people will. Don’t get discouraged.

More Tips On How to Have a Successful Fundraiser

It is a good idea to have the participants make a list of the people who they will sell to. Some students and athletes have parents who are willing to help and will sell the items  in their workplace. This can make a huge difference to the overall number of items being sold.

The more participants selling will make you the most money for your league, team, group, or school. If your group is made up of classes or teams, be sure to delegate and have each team mom or the coordinating individual be responsible for keeping track of their team or group members. If it’s a sports team if at all possible have the coach help by encouraging the players to get the fundraising done so they can concentrate on the game.

Get a competition going between classes or teams.  This will definitely help to get more items sold. The prize could be a pizza party for the winners. For School-wide fundraisers we provide free incentives.

If the items are not presold such as snacks, Mrs. Fields frozen cookie dough or popcorn, be very careful to keep a record of which family or participant has the coupon books or fundraising candy bars and how many and that they know they are responsible for taking care of them and bringing in the money. Be sure to keep an accurate record of when the family or participant brings in their money and for how many coupon books or candy bars.

Give each family or participant one or more coupon books so they can show people the actual book.  Let them know that it is encouraged that they sell more coupon books with the order form  if they don’t have a coupon book with them. They can write the purchaser’s name and accept the money and note this on the order form. There is a place on the order form to write the name of the organization that the checks should be made out to.

Check with the participants regularly throughout the fundraising period and see how they are doing. Have them see how fast they can get the items sold. Getting them sold quickly is very important. The longer they sit on a dresser or table at home, the less likely they will be sold. Be enthusiastic and supportive and remind them of the purpose that the money will be put to. Be sure to thank them for all the effort that they are putting in.