Easy-Selling Fundraising Programs

Due to the budgetary problems being experienced by the State of California, the funding for vital activities that our children love within our schools continue to be cut. This is unfortunate because these programs, whether  science, art or the many sports programs available, do so much to build character and to provide a well-rounded education and enrich the school experience. We are excited to help you raise funds to fill these gaps, as well as to help you support any of the many activities available outside of the education system.  Little League, Pop Warner, girls’ softball leagues, individual teams within the leagues, travel teams, church youth groups, nonprofit community groups can all benefit from our unique and easy-selling fundraising programs. We have achieved a product which will provide savings to your group’s families and other purchasers. We are located in the center of Orange County and are pleased  to provide you with excellent service usually within the same day if that is necessary.

There are many reasons to use us for your fundraising activities. Watch our Fundraising Testimonial videos and see for yourself. When you’re ready to get started or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to contribute to your efforts to successfully raise the funds you need for your program.

My wife and I love this poem. Since most fundraising is done by groups who are participating in competitive activities we thought you would enjoy it also. It was first published in 1905 by Walter D. Wintle. Many athletes credit it for motivating them in their sports.

It’s all in a State of Mind

If you think you are beaten, you are:
If you think you dare not, you won’t
If you like to win, but don’t think you can
It’s almost certain you won’t.

If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost;
For out in the world you’ll find
Success begins with a fellow’s will;
It’s all in a state of mind.

For many a game is lost,
Before even a play is run,
And many a coward fails
Before even his work begun.

Think big and your deeds will grow,
Think small and you’ll fall behind;
Think that you CAN and you WILL;
It’s all in a state of mind.

If you think you are out-classed, you are;
You’ve got to think high to rise;
You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.

Life’s battles don’t always go
To the stronger or faster man,
But sooner or later, the man who wins
Is the fellow who thinks he can.