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As representatives for Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough we can help you anywhere in Southern Calif. with your fundraising. Please click here for details. If you are in the cities of Buena Park, Cypress, Anaheim, Garden Grove, Westminster, Tustin, Orange, Santa Ana, and Fountain Valley our NEW 2017 Coupon book is here and ready for your use. Our new book has an additional 30 or more exciting discounts at new restaurants and activities for our purchasers to enjoy all the way through March 31st 2018! Click on the link here to view the content of our book.

If you would like just one book or several for your family to use or for a gift, feel free to place your order here on our website. If you were sent to our website by a group doing fundraising be sure to enter the group’s name in the referred by box so they will receive the credit from your purchase.

For fundraising, the new book will sell for $25 or $20 per book, your choice and you will make 50% of the proceeds. There is no money required up front and no minimum to sell. You can return any unsold books with no questions asked. We also have a full color order form which can be used to raise even more funds.

Please click on the link Reasons to Use Us For Your Fundraiser for all the details. Also be sure to view our video testimonials.

If you have a group planning to do fundraising, we would be happy to provide you with a copy of our new book to present to the group so that it can be fully considered. Just provide me with the contact information of the person who is in charge of your fundraising.

order-form-2015-coverThis order form is available if you do not want to hand out the actual book to your participants. Note the last page where the purchaser receives a $5 dollar discount off the cover price. Your participants sell the book for $20 and you make $10 on each one!

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Popcorn Fundraising with Popcornopolis

We have had our jewelry business for 26 years, so if you are located outside of the cities that our coupon book covers, in addition to Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough we also do Cash 4 Gold fundraisers, which can be a stress-free way to raise a great amount of funds anywhere in Southern California.

Feel free to call or e-mail with any questions about our Coupon Book, Cookie Dough, PopcornOne Dollar Candy BarsSnack Packs or Cash for Gold fundraisers or to receive a free copy of our fundraising coupon book if you would like to consider it for an upcoming fundraiser.

Clay & Mary Ann Bock

5 Star Review for Coupon Books.

We used the coupon books to help raise money for warm ups for our high school soccer program. The girls quickly raised over 1500 dollars and were able to purchase them. I can’t believe how easy he made things. Cannot wait to use him again!



Love this book for coupons to restaurants, when we want to go out to eat, first thing I reach for is this book.  Every place excepts them with no problems. You’ll not only be getting great buys at food places you’ll be helping children today and the future. Bon apatite.

Vicki M.


The Integrity Book has Way More Useable coupons than any other book around.  Great Variety of places that are nearby…Excellent Deal!!!



I’ve worked with Clay Bock and Integrity Fundraising for over 5 years.   He has helped me, my church and friends all make some extra cash through his various options of candy and restaurant coupon books.   Yesterday I saved $10 from one restaurant and loved the food.  Keep up the good work.



Call or email us today and we would be happy to bring or send you the actual brochures used for the fundraisers.

(714) 420-1911

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