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Feel free to call or e-mail with any questions about our Cookie Dough, PopcornOne Dollar Candy Bars, or Snack Packs fundraisers or to receive a free copy of our fundraising coupon book if you would like to consider it for an upcoming fundraiser.

Clay & Mary Ann Bock

5 Star Reviews for Integrity Fundraising.

I came across Integrity Fundraising and Clay, the owner, on Facebook, as I was searching for a way to fund raise that would be different, for the rescue group I co-founded a couple years back. I got in touch with Clay, and he was great about explaining the various programs they have that could help our non-profit bring in some serious coin for the kittens we help 🙂

We decided to go with the Mrs Fields cookie dough fundraiser, we pulled in lots of orders with very little effort on my part, to be honest. Clay was fantastic about setting things up, and returning my calls, answering questions, and giving me an accurate turn-around time for the orders to come in.

He does fundraising with schools and other organizations too, I learned, and they seem to be really on it about helping out. I am looking forward to working with him again for our next fundraiser, and thoroughly recommend them based on their level of professionalism 🙂

Sherry K.


Integrity Fundraising are great people, they helped us with most of our fundraising for the music department at La Quinta High school.  They really go out of their way to help even  making several delivery with the same orders because our students didn’t pick up their Mrs Fields cookie dough when it was first delivered.

Cathy E.


AWESOME!!!  I have to say…not only is Clay professional and on the ball, but he was definitely in the right place at the right time!

I was in the process of trying to kick off a cookie dough fundraiser with a previous vendor our high school girls soccer team had used.  Unfortunately, due to some changes with the individual previously used, we were not having much ease in getting our fundraiser kicked off when we needed to.  Low and behold, Clay happened to show up at our field the very next day!  He was professional and prepared, he gave me all of the information I needed to get everything going right away.  We actually kicked off 2 fundraisers within days and the results were great!

We will be receiving our Mrs. Field’s delivery today and hopefully that will go off without a hitch as well!

Thank you Clay!!! 🙂

Valerie P.


I work at a local high school in Los Angeles coaching a softball team. We were looking to do a cookie dough fundraiser to get equipment needed for our program. We found Integrity Fundraising. I’m very happy we did. We gave them a call and we setup a meeting right away. We met with Clay. He was one of the nicest people we have met with. He was very detailed in explaining to us all our options.  It went smoothly. Clay made it very very simple to getting all the orders in to the delivery of the cookie dough. Considering we did a cookie dough fundraiser with another company last year. Let’s just say Integrity Fundraising was ten times better. Clay was there every step of the process to answer any questions or concerns we had. We appreciated it. I highly recommend Integrity Fundraising. We had a great experience with them. They went above and beyond to make sure we had the best experience possible, we did. Nice people. Always available to the consumers. We will be using them again!!!

Scott K.

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